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Digital Transformation? Start from your Client’s Expectation Cloud

When we reflect on the marketing substantive expertise across all ages, we find that the ultimate objective of any business is to provide superior product and services to a specific target group.

In the illustration below, we re-state the interaction between a business and its audiences: Everyone, its target clients, and acquired clients. Marketing and communication is the practice of delivering a value proposition to clients. At each level, the message is different and the interaction becomes more specific the more you get closer to our clients’ needs and problems. 

Client Expectation Cloud

In order for any business to succeed, your first step is to know your market and potential clients requirements and distinct interests. The more you know about these requirements, the more likely you are going to adapt your offering to meet these requirements and thus acquire or keep your clients. Big Data is the core of this approach as it provides you with insights about your clients hot and cold interests.

Every single information that you collect about your client, will help you sharpen your proposition and increase your client gain. Your client expectations are not necessarily visible or easy to decode. The game is to be the fastest to encrypt these expectations and translate them to your products and services.

Know your customer could be a very challenging matter in today’s expectation’s economy, due to the volume of data, the velocity of information and variety of interests. Thus, using a digital approach makes the whole exercise much more feasible. Whatever your business is in today, whatever industry you work with, there is today a broad list of digital solutions that use data management, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies to shape your client personalized and customized needs.

Studies are showing that if you start a proper digital transformation, your business is more likely to grow by 10% by improving your engagement across all your sales cycle to meet your client expectations.

To learn more about how to successfully design and implement your digital transformation and grow your business, feel free to contact us to show you our strategic studies and client’s cases. 

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